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Are you ready for the prestigious Dancehall event? 



After the success of the last edition,Dancehall Master World is coming back with many surprises 🎉🎊🎁 .
⭐World Choreography Contest of Dancehall :
* MEGACREW ( NEW ), 12 to 20 dancers

* Crew, 3 to 10 dancers
*Duo, 2 dancers
*Solo, 1 dancer
*Kids, 14 years old max, 1 to 10 dancers

⭐World Battle Guest 1vs1of Dancehall
After the preselection, 
you will battle the 8 worldwide guests to become the world champion🏆

16 classes with some of the best dancehall dancers in the world

Amazing parties, link up of dancers, it's gonna be HOT like FAYA 🔥🔥🔥

For the very 1st time we will organize for you a ceremony of Awards to celebrate some important worldwide dancehall dancers 

⭐Registration :  
We are waiting for you, 21-22-23th February 2020 
In the heArt of the dance !!! 💚💛❤️


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